Joint Rescue Forces
RoboCup Rescue Simulation - Virtual Robots Competition

This year, only members of the Universiteit van Amsterdam will be part of the team, so the team is called UvA Rescue again. The team will be present at the competition at the Iran Open, the Dutch Open and the RoboCup in Mexico.

Our approach for the Virtual Robot competition at Iran and Dutch Open is described in our latest Team Description Paper.
In Mexico our team only participated in the Infrastructure competition, with a contribution described in the following Team Description Paper.

Infrastructure Competition

USARsim simulation of the AR.Drone including sonar beams

The presentation about our development of a flying robot for the simulation environment and the possibilities that such flying platform gives to make a visual map of the disaster from above, as described in our paper, was well received. With this presentation UvA Rescue won the first price in the Infrastructure competition.

Award ceremony

Dutch Open 2012

For the Dutch Open the following poster was prepared:

In the outdoor final of the Dutch Open UvA Rescue deployed a heterogeneous robot team, with a Kenaf and two AirRobots.
The two AirRobots found a victim, which was resulted for in the first price in the Dutch Open competition.

Iran Open 2012

We have participated at RoboCup RoboCup Iran 2012 in Tehran (April 4-7, 2012). At the Iran Open our software was put to the test with a profiler, both in speed and memory usage . The progress could be followed on Arnoud's research log.

At the Iran Open Symposium our paper about "Adapting the mapping dif´Čüculty for the automatic generation of rescue challenges" was presented.

At the end of the competition each team gave a presentation about last year's innovations. Our presentation won the award for best scientific presentation.

Research Logs

Check our progress at 2012 Research Logs

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